Broad Coalition Calls for a Change of Tone in Federal Budget Debate ‘Increase Revenues with Robin Tax on Wall Street, Not More Cuts’

Washington, D.C. – With the latest showdown over the government shutdown and debt limit finally over and the next budget fight beginning, a coalition of health care, community, faith-based, and labor activists will call on Congress members Wednesday, October 30 to shift the tone from austerity budget cuts to expanding revenues with a small tax on Wall Street speculation that can bring hundreds of billions of dollars into the budget to help rebuild our economy.

A Robin Hood Tax Conference was held on Tuesday, October 29 to step up the campaign to tax Wall Street speculation. Presenters included University of Massachusetts-Amherst economist Robert Pollin, former Texas Agriculture Commissioner Jim Hightower, campaign leaders, and more:

Presenters: Jennifer Flynn, Health GAP; George Goehl, National People’s Action; RoseAnn DeMoro, NNU
Keynote: Jim Hightower: The Lowdown on the Robin Hood Tax
Panel: Getting Out of Our Silos, Building the Robin Hood Tax Movement Bobby Tolbert, VOCAL NY, Amirah Sequeira, Student Global AIDS, Erich Pica, Friends of the Earth, Jean Ross, NNU.

Break-out session reports: summaries and visual diagrams - Amanda Devecka-Rinear (MC)
Robin Hood Tax Campaign: Why Now - Jeffrey Sachs, Earth Institute
Robin Hood Tax Campaign: Why Us - Larry Hanley, Amalgamated Transit Union

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Photos from the Robin Hood Tax Conference on Tuesday, October 29.

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The Robin Hood Tax campaign, endorsed by more than 160 local and national organizations, will precede the lobby effort with an 8 a.m. march to the Capitol, and a 9 a.m. briefing for members of Congress and the media. World renown economist Jeffrey Sachs and Anni Podimata, political leader from Greece, vice president of the European Parliament, where 11 nations are implementing a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) to spur European economies, will be featured speakers at the briefing.

Watch the briefing live stream (9 a.m. ET Oct. 30)