Nurses call for Financial Transaction Tax on Wall Street

Thousands of nurses from across the USA took action in 21 states yesterday to demand a Financial Transaction Tax on Wall Street.

They demonstrated at congressional offices across the country, asking them to take action on the economic crisis and “support a Wall Street transaction tax that will raise sufficient revenue to make Wall Street pay for the devastation it has caused on Main Street.” 

Other events included soup kitchens, street theatre, flash mobs, and a town crier reading out a litany of Wall Street transgressions against America.

The action was convened by NNU, the nation’s largest union and professional association of nurses. It follows an earlier rally in June this year, which saw thousands of nurses descend on Wall Street asking the government implement a Financial Transaction Tax and “heal America”.

“America’s nurses see every day the broad declines in health and living standards that are a direct result of patients and families struggling with lack of jobs, un-payable medical bills, hunger and homelessness. We know where to find the resources to bring them hope and real solutions,” said NNU Co-president Karen Higgins.

“It’s time for Wall Street financiers, who created this crisis and continue to hold so much of the nation’s wealth, to start contributing to rebuild this country, and for the American people to reclaim our future,” said NNU Executive Director Rose Ann DeMoro.

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