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More Than 175 Members of Congress to be urged to Support Legislation  to Tax Wall Street, Raise Revenue for Main Street Recovery and Bring a Halt to Austerity
On Wednesday, May 15, at Congressional offices in home districts across the country and on Capitol Hill, more than 175 House and Senate members will be visited and delivered letters urging support for the Inclusive Prosperity Act, H.R. 1579, inspired by the Robin Hood Tax and reintroduced in Congress last month by Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), and other legislation to bring a real and enduring recovery to the entire nation..  Wednesday’s action comes on the heels of more than 100 letters delivered to district offices and 50 Capitol Hill offices in March and April, in a concerted effort to take America off its austerity path, turn back sequestration and bring long-delayed support to Main Street.
“We will call for a fair, effective tax on financial speculation—the Inclusive Prosperity Act—as well as Medicare for All. These measures would save lives and save taxpayers’ money, increase revenues and decrease speculation that directly caused highly destructive fiscal bubbles,” said Tim Carpenter, National Director of Progressive Democrats of America, the organization spearheading Wednesday’s action.  “We are also demanding our elected officials join Rep. Grayson, Rep. Takano, and dozens of other House members in drawing a line in the sand against any cuts to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.”
This week’s call to Congress comes at a critical juncture.  Unemployment is now termed “an ongoing disaster” by the Economic Policy Institute, with nearly 9 million jobs still gone since the start of the Great Recession.  Sequestration cuts of $85 billion that began March 1 will reduce subsidies for up to 600,000 pregnant women, newborns and infants this year and public housing budgets are to be slashed by nearly $2 billion.   Today, 1.4 million homes are in foreclosure and many Americans are expected to join the ranks of the homeless in coming months, in a broad and enduring demise not seen since the Depression.   
Who: Americans led by Progressive Democrats of America (PDA), the U.S. Robin Hood Tax Campaign,, and others.
What: “Educate Congress” visits to legislators to urge action on progressive legislation.
Where: Capitol Hill and District offices of Senators and Representatives across the USA.
When: Noon-time May 15, 2013.
Ellison’s bill, H.R. 1579, is legislation key to America’s recovery.  It would levy a small tax on Wall Street trading, raising up to $350 billion a year with a goal to bring a real recovery to communities for whom the harm of the financial collapse of 2008 remains.  With a commitment to rebuilding infrastructure, a clean environment, quality education and healthcare, and more, good jobs would be created and expanded.   H.R. 1579 also seeks to step up U.S. support for international efforts in research and treatment of HIV/AIDS and to address climate change.   
Progressive Democrats of America and partners, including the Robin Hood Tax Campaign,  will continue the “Educate Congress” campaign letter drops at Congressional Offices on Capitol Hill and across the USA. This broad and growing national campaign will continue to visit and deliver letters at Congressional and Senate offices.  See: