Million Strong

“Organizations from across Europe and the United States have collected more than 1.1 million calls of support for a Robin Hood Tax.
The release of the ‘million strong’ petition is timed to coincide with a meeting of European Finance Ministers on the 12th May where a historic agreement on the Financial Transactions Tax is set to be announced.

This evidence of wide public support is a timely reminder that ministers need to agree the boldest possible tax and ensure the money raised is used to tackle poverty and climate change in Europe and around the world.

The number of calls of support continues to grow by the day, proving the Robin Hood Tax is one of the most popular taxes in history.”

Helping to spread the word is simple, and the effect of the implementation of this tax will be widely felt and will give a big boost to our fight for a Robin Hood Tax here in the United States. We've cooked up a few sample tweets that you can use, as well as a list of the Twitter handles of several of the finance ministers involved in the discussion. Make your own tweets, or use the ones we've provided. Whatever you do, make sure you're heard.


Sample Tweets (please use #MillionStrong):

  • Billions for books or billions for banks? What will you do EU? #MillionStrong #FTT 
  • 1million strong demand a strong EU #FTT to be voted in next Tuesday! Let’s turn up the heat, #rt! #MillionStrong
  • This Tues, 11 EU countries negotiate a #FTT. Demand that the world's poorest are not forgotten! #MillionStrong
  • Tens of Millions in EU support a progressive Financial Transaction Tax! We stand with you! #MillionStrong
  • On Tues, will EU leaders make history and support a strong #FTT for those who need it most? #MillionStrong
  • We call on EU leaders: use the #FTT to fund human need! #MillionStrong
  • We call on EU leaders: use the #FTT to save our planet! #ClimateChange #MillionStrong
  • We call on EU leaders: don't forget our children! #Education #FTT #MillionStrong
  • We call on EU leaders: lets tax the banks and end HIV/AIDS! #AIDS #MillionStrong


The eleven EU nations (and the those nations’ finance ministers twitter accounts) that make up the “Enhanced Cooperation Zone” that would enact the FTT are: