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December 1st is Worlds Aids Day. And those working on HIV/AIDS have an amazing story to tell the world: we can end the AIDS crisis. Breakthroughs in science have shown us that getting AIDS drugs to those with HIV not only keeps them alive and healthy, but can reduce risk of infection by 96%.  This news is amazing - from now on, no one needs to die of AIDS - no one needs to become HIV positive.

People representing 329 unions from 123 countries rallied today in the streets of Durban, South Africa for the Robin Hood Tax.  The union leaders, representing 20 million workers, were in Durban attending the 29th World Congress of the Public Services International (PSI), the global union federation.

The delegates marched and danced through the streets, donning Robin Hood caps to show support for a tax on financial trades that could raise hundreds of billions for communities in need.

Over 1,000 people attending the Public Services International World Congress in Durban, South Africa will don bright green Robin Hood hats in support of the global campaign to implement financial transactions taxes in countries around the world.

Outside the district office of Rep. Charles Rangel, Robin Hood Tax Campaigners from National Nurses United (NNU) and Health GAP found an engaged audience today.  These residents of New York’s Harlem are wondering when the recovery will arrive.  

Their neighborhoods are a mix of shuttered brownstones and half-empty condos, a sign of the realty speculation that somehow, someway never brought decent, affordable housing to Manhattan’s northern-most community.  

U.S. Robin Hood Tax Campaign Says No to Social Service Cuts, Calls for Wall Street Sales Tax to Spark Recovery

Says Yes on H.R.

Back on Oct. 2, a merry band from ACT UP and the Student Global AIDS Campaign showed up at Rep. Michael Capuano’s office (D-MA), asking him to support the Robin Hood Tax. Just last week Capuano agreed to “be our Robin Hood” by co-signing the Inclusive Prosperity Act (H.R. 6411) – a win for grassroots organizing!

The European Commission (EC) announced Tuesday that it supports efforts by 11 European Union economies to move forward on a Robin Hood Tax.  As pressure mounts in Europe to find solutions other than devastating austerity measures, the Robin Hood Tax has gained favor as a way to bring in revenue and stabilize those economies currently struggling to survive.

Go here and here to see more pictures of the action!

ACT UP/NY, Queerocracy, Health GAP, Robin Hood Tax Campaign and National Nurses United, Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition, Housing Works joined forces to demonstrate outside of the Waldorf Astoria hotel before the Al Smith Dinner honoring President Obama and Mitt Romney.

Dear Friend,

Presidential politics isn’t all that’s in the air. It’s time for us to push our Congressional members to support our Healthcare Not Warfare agenda, including the Robin Hood Tax.

“Supporting the RHT is a 'no brainer,’” said Rep. Danny Davis, as he donned a Robin Hood hat.
Main Street is still waiting to be paid back.  That was the message delivered on October 2 to Congressional districts up and down California, in Massachusetts, New York City, throughout Metro Chicago, in Las Vegas, San Antonio and in Burnsville, Minnesota, too.