Nurses Praise Tom Morello, Public Support for May 18 Rally

Moyers & Company, a current affairs program featuring Bill Moyers and airing on PBS stations nationwide,  had a segment on Sunday evening with RoseAnn DeMoro, executive director of National Nurses United, the largest union and professional association of registered nurses in the country, with 170,000 members.

The interview focuses on the union's call for a Robin Hood Tax, a sales tax on Wall Street speculation that could raise up to $350 billion a year in revenue. 

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G20 leaders are meeting in Seoul and sorting out the financial sector is on the agenda. The Robin Hood Tax campaign is part of a global movement representing over 200 million people calling on leaders to listen to their people rather than the banks, and tax financial transactions fairly.

In a prelude to tomorrow’s global day of action for the Wall Street Financial Speculation Tax, a Merry Band of Robin Hoods and activists from Occupy Wall Street marched to demand that the 1% pay the 99% back for taking our homes, jobs and money. The group called for the implementation of a Financial Speculation Tax and the extension of New York State Millionaire’s Tax.

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Today in Chicago, 40 activists dressed as Robin Hoods kayaked down the Chicago River while several hundred more protesters rallied outside a hotel to deliver a message to the Mortgage Banksters attending a national conference inside: It's time for big banks to Pay US Back!