Turn on the water. Make Wall Street pay.

Thousands of registered nurses, community, labor, environmental and community activists marched in Detroit today in a resounding protests against the shutoff of water to tens of thousands of city residents – an action the marchers called a wanton violation of human rights that creates a public health emergency.

Lay the blame for the manufactured crisis at the feet of those responsible: Wall Street Speculators, Gov. Rick Snyder, and Kevyn Orr

Robin Hood’s hearty supporters stood in below-freezing weather outside of Rep. Danny Davis’ office in Chicago, Ill. today to remind him of the pledge he made and later abandoned.

In 2012, Rep. Davis signed the Robin Hood Tax campaign’s “What Side Are You On?” pledge and cosponsored the Robin Hood Tax bill, H.R. 1579. In 2013, he withdrew that support, citing pressure from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Board of Trade.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

AIDS patients around the world don’t have to suffer for lack of medication, and we can totally stop the spread of HIV in just 30 years.

New Yorkers and others don’t have to watch their neighborhood hospitals close.

Bus riders don’t have to despair because the only line they can take to work gets cut.

College students don’t have to graduate tens of thousands of dollars in debt with no good job prospects.

On Tuesday, September 17, we’re marching in NYC to call for a Robin Hood Tax, a tax of less than half of 1% on Wall Street trades that can raise hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue every year. Establishing this tax is simply a matter of fairness and common sense. It asks Wall Street to pay a pittance of its fair share to ensure that basic services are met in communities that need them most.

Last week students spoke out at  American University in Washington, D.C.  Today the protest was at Columbia University in New York City Amidst the pomp and pride that is graduation day across America, students, frustrated with the huge debts taken on to attend college, are banding together and pressing for solutions. They want a real future, not a life of loan repayment.

They get it: Robin Hood is a game changer. Their chant goes:

No more student debt on our back,

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) will announce the reintroduction of The Inclusive Prosperity Act on Thursday, April 17, a bill inspired by the Robin Hood Tax and supported by a large and growing list of endorsers, now more than 140 organizations. The Ellison bill seeks to raise up to $350 billion annually through a sales tax on Wall Street financial transactions, funds whose goal is to rebuild our communities, assist international efforts to treat HIV/AIDS, and to combat climate change. The real recovery we all deserve is long overdue.

The words written on her body:  Robin Hood Tax to end AIDS.

On her mind: Outrage over funding cuts to global AIDS programs.

The bikini-clad co-ed stood among several nearly naked student AIDS activists who took over Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s office Thursday to protest funding cuts to global AIDS programs.

Andrea Germanos, staff writer at Common Dreams

Why should ordinary taxpayers have to sacrifice while highly profitable corporations are using accounting acrobatics and tax havens to avoid paying their fair share?

A half dozen Robin Hood Tax Campaigners, wearing their signature hats, made their way into a packed room to attend Jack Lew’s confirmation hearing before the Senate Finance Committee yesterday to be the next Treasury Secretary.