Why the Bernie Sanders Robin Hood heads?

Over the weekend, 12,000 people gathered in Phoenix to hear Bernie Sanders’ impassioned speech on raging economic inequality. In a red state, press took notice that front and center, there was a prominent contingent of green pointy hats. Which left a burning question: What was with all the gigantic Bernie Sanders Robin Hood heads?

Liz Schuler

Liz Shuler, AFL-CIO

Fear not: We have an answer. While Senator Sanders certainly espouses Robin-Hood-like principles, the giant heads were not just a nod to Sanders-as-Robin Hood. They were held aloft by cheering supporters of the Sanders-sponsored “Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street.” This small tax—one half of one percent—on Wall Street speculation would generate roughly $300 billion per year toward human and environmental needs, such as ending student debt.

Sports-fan-level enthusiasm for a tax? Yes! In line with the arena-sized crowds flocking to hear Sanders speak about fighting Wall Street, the ever-growing Robin Hood Tax crew was there to cheer Sanders’ practical step toward doing so: his introduction of S. 1371—the Inclusive Prosperity Act/Robin Hood Tax—in the Senate. This follows Rep. Keith Ellison’s introduction of The Inclusive Prosperity Act (H.R. 1464) in the House.


Immortal Technique

Immortal Technique

So heads up, America! Bernie Sanders reps the Robin Hood Tax. So do Representative Ellison and a growing number of other congress members. And political rap star Immortal Technique. And labor activist Liz Shuler, of the AFL-CIO. And countless Americans who believe Wall Street cannot continue profiting from student debt, being bailed out by hardworking people, and stuffing its own pockets—without being held accountable for checking its riskiest speculation and paying back to the community.

Get your own Bernie Robin Hood head—and get involved!


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Rep. Keith Ellison

Little Robin

Rep. Donna Edwards