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12 May 17
Ros Wynne Jones,

Imagine a red bus taking a tour of the country. “The Robin Hood Tax could raise £90million a week. Let’s give it to our NHS. Let’s Take Back Control”.

It may sound familiar. But this bus is actually rooted in reality.

Economists say the Robin Hood Tax – a tiny tax on bankers – really could raise £4.7billion a year for the NHS.

15 Feb 17
Les Leopold, Common Dreams
Resistance is breaking out all over. But where are we going? Are we simply calling for a return to the pre-Trump status quo of runaway inequality, the largest prison population in the world, inadequate and costly health care, unjust immigration policies and accelerating climate change? Or do we have a new vision for America? If so, what is it and how do we fight for it?
14 Oct 16
The Financial Times

Democratic politicians have proposed levies on financial transactions

Each US trading day, millions of futures contracts, billions of shares and hundreds of billions of dollars of bonds change hands. The volumes provide streams of revenue to exchanges and trading platforms — and some in Washington want to divert a rivulet to the federal government.

16 Sep 16
Bill Gallagher, Robin Hood Tax USA
In an election year like the U.S. has never seen before, there’s yet another first. This one is mostly good news. For the first time, a major American political party has included a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) – aka Robin Hood Tax – in its party platform.
21 Mar 16
RoseAnn DeMoro writing for The Huffington Post
New research findings from a team of progressive economists provides documentary evidence that the financial footing for Sen. Bernie Sanders visionary social change agenda is not only plausible, but would create far more socially productive jobs, as well as moving us down the road to the more humane society that is at the heart of the Sanders campaign.
16 Mar 16
Larry Harris Jr., The Huffington Post
I like Bernie Sanders because he is straightforward. He does not care for Wall Street very much and thinks we did them a huge favor by bailing them out in 2008. To pay for his plan for tuition-free public colleges he argues that Wall Street should pay a small speculation tax on stocks, bonds and derivatives -- an idea that has already come to fruition in countries like the United Kingdom, France, Brazil, India, Switzerland, South Korea and China. He says, right to the point, we bailed them out now they will bail us out.
15 Mar 16
Walter Einenkel, Daily Kos
One of Bernie Sanders’ campaign promises, something that has moved young people and given older lefties a warm feeling, is the idea of tuition-free college. But there are liberal detractors as well.
4 Mar 16
Jim Hightower, writing for Salon
The financial transaction tax is not an idea whose time has just now come; it simply has returned. From 1914 to 1966, our country taxed all sales and transfers of stock. The tax was doubled in the last year of Herbert Hoover’s presidency to help us recover from the Great Depression. Today, 40 countries have FTTs, including the seven with the fastest-growing stock exchanges in the world. Eleven members of the European Union (including Germany and France) voted for a financial transaction tax to curtail poverty, restore services and put people back to work.
18 Feb 16
Robert Pollin, The Real News Network

PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR, TRNN: Welcome to the Real News Network. I'm Paul Jay coming to you from the PERI Institute in Amherst, Massachusetts.

4 Feb 16
Katrina vanden Heuvel, The Washington Post
With primary season officially in full swing after Monday’s Iowa caucuses, another insurgent candidate has upended the Democratic nomination contest by promising to take the nation down a different path.