Amid the media accounts of the worst Ebola outbreak ever recorded some significant context is largely missing from the major media reporting. Atop this list are links of the outbreak to the climate crisis and global inequality, mal-distribution of wealth, and austerity-driven cuts in public services that have greatly contributed to the rapid spread of Ebola.

Turn on the water. Make Wall Street pay.

Thousands of registered nurses, community, labor, environmental and community activists marched in Detroit today in a resounding protests against the shutoff of water to tens of thousands of city residents – an action the marchers called a wanton violation of human rights that creates a public health emergency.

Lay the blame for the manufactured crisis at the feet of those responsible: Wall Street Speculators, Gov. Rick Snyder, and Kevyn Orr

Only those appearing in person may apply— to be examined, tallied and readied for transport to a homeless shelter.  Families with children under 21 and pregnant women are processed at this station.   

As the grocery bags suddenly become half-empty and too many kids start going hungry, a lot of people are going to ask: "Where can we find the money to feed our children?" Here's one source, probably the biggest untapped revenue source in our nation - Wall Street.

The U.S. Robin Hood Tax Campaign has as its goal taxing Wall Street speculative trading to raise substantial revenue, what we estimate to be $350 billion a year, to bring communities the real recovery promised but not delivered, as well as to fund international efforts for research and treatment of HIV/AIDS and to control climate change.  

The White House recently confirmed that as many as 125,000 individuals and families will lose housing assistance under sequestration – automatic budget cuts – this year alone.  This assistance -- Section 8 housing choice vouchers – is what keeps poor Americans from living on the streets. 

Last week Congress debated a House Farm Bill that proposes to cut more than $20 billion in food stamps, a sober reminder of just how pressing the passage of the Robin Hood Tax is for a majority of Americans.

Washington State now has been added to the roster of states where people with serious health problems find themselves bankrupt as a result of the costs of care. 

by DEBORAH BURGER, co-president of National Nurses United