Why The World Needs Robin

The Robin Hood Tax is a tiny financial transaction tax on Wall Street (less than one half of 1%) that could generate $300 billion annually. It will kickstart the economy by funding College For All, creating jobs, and strengthening public services like healthcare, education, and infrastructure at home — while tackling AIDS, global health, poverty, and climate challenges around the world.

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Economic Market Stability

Markets should work in the interests of society – not the other way around. Robin Hood Tax would be a big step towards a world in which finance behaves responsibly.

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Healthcare, Housing, Education

Robin Hood Tax could raise billions every year to help ensure that every American has access to quality healthcare, dignified housing, and higher education.

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Research and Innovation

Robin Hood Tax could assist in funding key government efforts to support scientific research in health, food safety, medical and infrastructure innovation.

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Climate Change + Green Jobs

Robin Hood Tax could raise billions every year to cut greenhouse gas pollution and jumpstart an economy that works for people and the planet – both at home and abroad.

I would like to endorse the Robin Hood Tax campaign and volunteer to get the word out! (We will also send you updates on Robin’s progress.)

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Help spread the word about the Robin Hood Tax! Endorse the campaign and volunteer to get the word out. We will also send you updates on Robin's progress.

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