Why The World Needs Robin

The Robin Hood Tax is a tiny financial transaction tax on Wall Street (less than one half of 1%) that could generate $300 billion annually. It will kickstart the economy by funding College For All, creating jobs, and strengthening public services like healthcare, education, and infrastructure at home — while tackling AIDS, global health, poverty, and climate challenges around the world.

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Economic Market Stability

Markets should work in the interests of society – not the other way around. Robin Hood Tax would be a big step towards a world in which finance behaves responsibly.

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Healthcare, Housing, Education

Robin Hood Tax could raise billions every year to help ensure that every American has access to quality healthcare, dignified housing, and higher education.

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Research and Innovation

Robin Hood Tax could assist in funding key government efforts to support scientific research in health, food safety, medical and infrastructure innovation.

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Climate Change + Green Jobs

Robin Hood Tax could raise billions every year to cut greenhouse gas pollution and jumpstart an economy that works for people and the planet – both at home and abroad.

I would like to endorse the Robin Hood Tax campaign and volunteer to get the word out! (We will also send you updates on Robin’s progress.)

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Spread the Word!

Help spread the word about the Robin Hood Tax! Endorse the campaign and volunteer to get the word out. We will also send you updates on Robin's progress.

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