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2 years ago

Tax Wall Street.

2 years ago
Crystal Mason begins prison sentence in Texas for crime of voting

From a state at the forefront of the ruling elite's disenfranchisement campaign, in a city where only 6% of eligible voters cast a ballot, "this is an act of voter intimidation, not the will of a ... See more

2 years ago
Canceling Student Debt Would Stimulate the Economy—and Voter Turnout

“Right from the start, the student-loan system was rigged to work for the industry players who profit from it."

-Julie Margetta Morgan, author of the Roosevelt Institute report Who Pays

2 years ago
‘Stop financing hatred:’ Charlotte banks criticized for ties to ICE detention centers

Community leaders demand Bank of America and Wells Fargo “stop financing cruelty, and the caging of families.” These two big banks, along with others, are being called out for their ties to GEO ... See more

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